7 Best Careers for the Future

Careers in Demand for the Future

What will help wanted ads look like in two, five, ten years from now? And why should you care? As the world evolves, so do job trends and job descriptions. It’s important to structure your career so that your job will still be in demand in several years.

Career #1: Healthcare

According to recent Labor Department data, an aging population will put healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, home health aids, and pharmacists in more demand.

The same data indicates 4 million jobs are being added to this sector in 2018.

Healthcare Education and Skills

Healthcare workers should enjoy working with people and should have an aptitude for science and math.

Less-skilled and lower paid workers such as aides may require as little as a certification course, depending upon the state they are living and working in, while doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and pharmacists require specialized schooling after graduating from college.

Those who want to enter this field should prepare early by taking college courses in pre-med, biology, and science.

Career #2: Information Technology

Think of all the technology we didn’t have just a few decades ago, a decade ago, a few years ago. Computers and Smartphones have changed the way we do business and communicate. And they will continue to do so.

As more technology is developed, IT professionals such as programmers, security specialists, and administrators will continue to be in high demand.

Information Technology Education and Skills

Those in this field should enjoy analytical thinking, but should also be creative problem solvers. As this career becomes more central, more institutions of higher learning are responding by offering coursework and majors in areas such as computer networking and information security, applied computer science, and computer science and innovation.

Source: Salary.com


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